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The We Say No More team spreads the message at the Deadly Choices Men’s Golf Day

The Deadly Choices Men’s Golf Day was back this year, with NRL great Steve Renouf in attendance, along with over 100 other men taking part.

The ATSICHS, We Say No More team were in attendance on three of the 18 holes, talking to participants about domestic violence against women and how it affects our mob. The team encouraged participants to sign the pledge board, fill out a survey and have spread the message with our Instagram boards.

Duane Knox, ATSICHS Community Liaison Officer who worked one of the holes at the Men’s Golf Day says the golf day was great. “Everyone seemed to enjoy the day; there was a lot of laughter around the course.”

“The players were happy to stop and listen at the ATSICHS holes to the message about domestic violence and the We Say No More campaign.

Most people hadn’t heard of the campaign before we spoke with them and were blown away by how the campaign started with the kids at the Murri School.

They thought it is a positive message and it’s loud and clear that all men need to stand up and stop domestic violence against women,” says Duane.