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It’s not our way . . .

Domestic violence is never OK.

We believe that the more mob hear that domestic violence is not okay the more our community will realise that it’s not okay and things will start to change.

That’s where your sports club can get on board.

Lots of young people are into sport. Whether it’s footy, aussie rules, touch, cricket, netball or any sport, it’s a really good way to yarn to our young ones and get the message out.

Who drives you to training, who picks you up, who barracks on the sidelines: it’s usually mum, a sista or grandma.

What can my club do?

Take a stand, put your hands up together. Get your players, members and supporters, and families and mates to send a message to mob that your club says no more!

If you can do more, get in touch with us and have a yarn. We can help you to:

  • host a “We Say No More” round
  • take a team pledge
  • develop a simple Domestic Violence Action plan
  • provide tools for building a safer culture where we say no more
  • advise you on holding fund raising events
  • and in some cases, we can even help with sponsorships.

Check out what we did at the Deadly Choices Men’s Golf Day . . .



There’s a lot we can do together

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